Reminder for Nominations

A reminder that all nominations should be made to the Nominations Chairperson at by 11/15/2020. Below are the current job descriptions.

President: The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the NEPHC. He or she shall preside at all Membership and Board of Directors Meetings. He or she shall be responsible for the enforcement of the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors are carried into effect. He or she shall appoint all Committee Chairpersons, with the exception of Shows, as this is an elected position. ​

 Vice-President: The Vice-President is automatically the Committee Head in charge of all shows for the NEPHC In the absence or disability of the President he or she shall have all of the powers and functions of the President and shall perform such other duties as the President or Board of Directors may prescribe.

 The VP of shows needs to attend each show and be responsible for securing judges, entering into contracts for the show facilities, securing food vendors, shavings vendors, tack vendors, as needed, transportation for judges, lodging for judges, .  The committee under the VP is responsible for ribbons and weekend awards as well as stall assignments, hookups and ring crew set up and take down.  While the Show Manager is the go to person at the show and handles all of the detail during the show weekend, the VP of shows is the representative for the Club and spends the year readying the Club for each of its shows as well as reading the Club for the following year’s shows.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have care and custody of all of the funds of the NEPHC and shall deposit said funds in the name of NEPHC in any bank or trust company that he or she may elect. He or she, when duly authorized by the Board of Directors, shall sign and execute all contracts, checks, drafts, notes and orders for payment of money. Authorization by the Board of Directors shall be required if the amount involved is in excess of one hundred dollars ($100).

Enterprise Bank is current bank of choice. Treasurer needs to attend shows to write checks. If unable to attend, arrangements may be made but is important for Treasurer to attend most, if not all, of the NEPHC shows. Treasurer is automatically a member of the Finance Committee.

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Membership and Board of Directors Meetings. He or she shall attend to the giving and serving of all notices directed by the President and/or Board of Directors, and shall have charge of such books and records as the President and/or Board of Directors may direct. He or she shall attend to such correspondence as may be assigned, and shall keep a roll of the membership showing the names and addresses of all members. The Secretary shall have custody of the Corporate Seal.

The secretary must have access to a computer and email and be able to generate reports, records, mailings from software provided by the Club or any reports she or he generates on her own. Must be able to be responsive to member inquiries. The secretary is also the liaison with APHA and must submit membership lists, election results and ensure dates are adhered to for director nomination & elections.

  • Vice-President: The Vice-President is automatically the Co

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