The History

Steeped in tradition. In the national equine arena, The American Paint Horse Club is known for reflecting family values and long held traditions. Like our parent organization, The New England Paint Horse Club mirrors the quality and strength of beliefs promoted by APHA. Lester Spear formed our regional club on October 4, 1975 in Concord, New Hampshire, with a handful of members representing all 6 New England states. Reflecting the national growth of interest in the American Paint Horse, our club has grown considerably with memberships sometimes approaching 300 people. Geographically, our members live anywhere from Canada to as far south as Florida.

Annually, we facilitate mulitple APHA sanctioned shows. Several of our shows fill the facilities to capacity. Our show bill and the futurity monies attract exhibitors from around the country. In 2004, our Fall Futurity paid out over fifteen thousand dollars. We have a history of using funds generated by club-sponsored events to increase payouts to our members. Our board consistently strives to serve its’ members, again reflecting the overall philosophy of the American Paint Horse Association. We have in the past joined with several other breed clubs such as the North Atlantic Buckskin Association, New England Pinto Horse Association and East Coast Ranch Riding Association to help promote goodwill among other equine associations. It was a huge success for all clubs. Additionally, we promote the American Paint Horse at the Silver Heels Riding Club by providing year end awards for Paint Horse Exhibitors. This New England based organization serves the general equine population as well as Paint Horse enthusiasts.  The New England Paint Horse Club has also sponsored multiple trail rides through picturesque areas to serve our trail riding members.

The New England Paint Horse Club works to support our activities through several fundraisers. All fundraisers are designed to generate funds that will allow us to promote Paint horses in all areas of equine interest. Items include APHA logo sweatshirts and other assorted apparel sold to the membership at discounted prices. Throughout the year, we organize several raffles to pay for an end of the season barbecue at our Summa in the Hamptons Show. This meal is offered in gratitude to those who support our club by attending our shows. A large volunteer crew handles the planning of this event. Local area tack shops and businesses are the main focus who donate items including many members of the club.

Our club is committed to maintaining close ties across a multi-state area. So along with our e-newsletters we have an extensive website that serves as a vehicle to unite them. Our highly visible website offers everything from local news and activities sponsored by NEPHC but you can obtain all your show class lists, entry forms and even show results. We give the membership another forum for advertising their Paint Horses whether they have a horse to sell, Stallion to promote or Training Facility to fill up with clients, this is the first place most horse enthusiasts will look.

A special occasion for NEPHC is our Year-End Awards banquet hosted by a committee of hard working club members. It is the best time for the entire membership to get together to eat, drink and be merry. The banquet program offers awards, raffles and an elegant dinner. Due to its’ previous success, members travel from long distances to attend this event. Exhibitors work diligently to attain these awards and the club views the awards as an opportunity to reward them for their dedication to the Paint horse and our club.

NEPHC is continuously striving to build a better environment for its club members and the equine industry. With monthly Board of Director meetings and special committees set-up to address ongoing issues, NEPHC is ready to handle an optimistic future. We are looking forward to a fun-filled and exciting year and a new millennium.